Blast from the Past: #5 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee

This post from June 2014 brings back topics that ring a bell: Anthems and rivers and Herman Hesse. I should read more of his books again :-). But as an explanation for those who do not know “A Prompt A Day For Bee”: I was doing a poetry project from June 2014 to May 2015. I asked my readers to give me a prompt and I wrote a poem about it. It was working rather well in the beginning but very soon I ran out of readers and prompts. However, I was not giving up and changing it into posting a poem a day and finding an interesting prompt myself. I look fondly back to that time and even have started to write a poem a day at the end of last year. But most of them won’t see any publishing. But here number five of the old “A Prompt A Day for Bee”:

Lauren kindly has offered another prompt for this little poetry project. She called it “an anthem” prompt and referred to the original name of this Blog “The River is flowing…”. Anthem because I chose it from a native American chant with the same name. I just love the song. I hum it whenever life gets tough. Have to push me a little though. My only full shift this week is over and my brain is a bit flaky. But I shall succeed ;-). Ok, what comes to mind? A sunny day in November 1989 I was just doing my driving license living in a little town at the river Rhine in Germany. I sat on a bench on an island and the river and its surrounding hills were just glorious. That was when I understood why the 19th-century travellers fell in love with this part of Germany. Not sure though how to get that into a poem. Feels more like the stuff for a short story *mental note*. I do not want to do another acrostic either. Hmm, what else is there? Well, if my HTML abilities would be a bit better I would go for a visual poem ….


Side by side
Siddharta and me
staring out at the river’s waves.

It flows and flows

like our lives along

eternity’s shores.

Siddharta, Siddharta

Will I find my peace watching the river?


Suddenly, when I thought about the visual poem I remembered Herman Hesses book “Siddharta” which takes place at the time of the Buddha. Siddharta is a prince who grew up very protected. When he first experiences the poverty of others, he goes out to find a reason why. He does not only live as a hermit but also has a family and a son. In the end, the old man sits a lot at a river to ponder the sense of life. Whenever I come across a river and for some strange reason, especially the Rhine I think about the book. According to Wikipedia Siddharta means “he who has found meaning” or “he who has attained his goals”. This poem is a reverence both for its author and the book itself. But also an expression of finding meaning in my life. Thanks, Lauren for this fab prompt.

Am still not there yet…

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