Hello, “The Bee Invites…”

Sorry Gentlemen but this is a Ladies only area:

After I have “retired” “The Bee Talks With…” in 2017 I feel something important is missing on my blog.

It is good to showcase your own writing however, I believe blogging is about connecting and especially connecting with other bloggers. Even though “The Bee Talks With…” was meant to feature authors many of them were bloggers, too and I loved the fact that there were more voices to be heard on my blog than mine and the many connections I gained with the interviews.

I have read a lot lately about how women are often still less seen in public and it gave me the idea to feature more female voices on my blog.

That is why I am offering female bloggers the opportunity to guest blog for “The Bee Writes…”

I am not so sure if the blogosphere is as sexist as other public spaces and outlets are but I believe connecting in an all-female space is an ancient tradition that we might be missing more and more in our lives. And I am curious about what my fellow lady bloggers think about writing, mental health, growing old, learning, life, the universe and everything.

Therefore, I am introducing “The Bee Invites…”. This is a new category on “The Bee Writes…” where

I invite female bloggers to submit a guest post to the above topics and in turn, I advertise for their post, their blog, their social media and books (if they are an author, of course) on my social media. When I am going to earn something with “The Bee Writes…” I am also happy to give a financial incentive.

I haven’t achieved my goal yet to have 10 000 followers on Twitter (the number actually is 6 447 so I am getting closer) but all in all, I have over 7000 followers on several social media channels so your post will find quite an audience. And you certainly will find a new follower for your blog 🙂

So what do you need to do?

  • send me an email to bee.halton(at)gmail.com with the subject “The Bee Invites…” to show your interest or fill in the contact form at the end of this post.
  • write a blog post about one of the following topics:  writing, mental health, growing old, learning, life, the universe and everything
  • Word count: at least 600 words no upper limit
  • add a photo of yourself and/or your blog image
  • add any links to your social media, blog(s), shops, where to purchase your book… that you want me to advertise for
  • send it to me and I’ll post it unless you offer clearly racist, sexist, ageist, and any other …ist polemic. An opinion is fine, however, there are limits and I am sure you know where they are.

I am happy to write a guest post for your blog in return!

Please fill in the form if you are interested:




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