5 Things I like about myself

The lovely Emilia over at My Inner Mishmash has nominated me for the “5 Things I like about myself” Challenge. I think that is rather fitting for my quest of self-love and self-esteem. Thank you so much, Emilia, for nominating me. Please head over to her blog and find out what she likes about herself 🙂

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And here are the rules:

  • Thank the nominator.
  • Display the picture on your post.
  • List 5 things you like about yourself
  • 1 thing must be a physical attribute.
  • Tag 3 or more people.


  1. Being a ginger/redhead                                                                                                                                             Strangely the physical attribute was the easiest. I like being a redhead. My mum was one and she said when she found out that other kids teased me about it: “Now they tease you but when you are a little older they dye their hair to be a ginger and you have it for free.” That encouraged me a lot. Even though I can’t remember so much girls being the ones teasing me. Were more the boys and I doubt any of them are dying their hair to become a redhead. No matter what its a great colour of hair but I wish I had green eyes instead of blue. But never mind. I manage 😉
  2. My baking                                                                                                                                                                   I love baking. Cookies mainly but also cakes and bread. It is incredibly creative and it calms me down when I feel anxious. Looks like my family likes it too. My cookies hardly ever last long and it’s not because I am after them 😉
  3. Being caring                                                                                                                                                               I care about people, animals, nature, society as a whole. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle because I let it come too close and I feel like I should do more. But it feels good to be understanding and supportive towards someone else and to make their life just a little bit happier. It doesn’t need much really.
  4. Being spiritual                                                                                                                                                             Even though I do not follow any established religion (anymore) I feel that there are powers outside of our logical understanding. There is probably a reason why I was called a witch when I was in school (and not only because there is a children’s book about a little redheaded witch in Germany by Ottfried Preussler) but also because I probably always sensed these other universes out there too. I am not one who needs to convince everybody else about it. I follow what Frederick the Great believed: Jeder soll nach seiner Facon selig werden which means “Everybody should find heaven in his or her own way”. I deeply believe that the higher spirit shows itself in many different forms for us humans to get a glimpse of what it means. No form is more nor form is less. Just looks different and if all humans would figure that we would have a lot less trouble in this world.
  5. Being Creative                                                                                                                                                            I like being creative. Not only in actually creating a poem or a picture but also being creative in finding solutions. And playing around with recipes. And making the house and garden nicer. There are many ways of being creative and I love it.

And my nominees are:

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  2. DebyBlogs
  3. JANNAT007

Thanks for visiting and have fun!

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8 Replies to “5 Things I like about myself”

  1. This post put a smile on my face. Your creativity shines through with every post I read. Thanks for the nomination. Will be working on my post soon.

  2. Love, love, love this post. 💕💕💕
    It’s a great initiative to take few minutes out for yourself and ponder on what you like about yourself. Love the challenge.!!!!
    I’m definitely making a post on it right away. 😊

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