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Tuesdays on The Bee Writes… are reserved for YouTube and mostly for the thought-provoking, hilarious, curious and often strange TED or TEDx Talks. That is no different for the ABC of Love and Love Is In Da Blog 2018 and there is, of course, one for lust. Here you go:




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Rebellious Rules by Kristina Gallo: How to control lust when it become a crime?

J-Dubs bear it and grin: For 2/11/18 ~ Young Lust – Pink Floyd



Something to read about “Lust”

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Transmetropolitan TP Vol 02 Lust For Life New Ed by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson


Outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem attacks the injustices of his surreal 21st Century through black humor as an investigative reporter for the newspaper The Word in this critically-acclaimed graphic novel series written by comics’ superstar Warren Ellis, the co-creator of PLANETARY and THE AUTHORITY.

In this volume, Jerusalem targets three of society’s most worshipped and warped pillars: politics, religion, and television. When Spider tries to shed light on the atrocities of these institutions, he finds himself fleeing a group of hitmen/kidnappers in possession of his ex-wife’s frozen head, a distorted creature alleging to be his son, and a vicious talking police dog.




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