#frapalymo November 17 ~ #poem/#Gedicht No 12

You can find the English part of this post after the photo.

Heute geht es um die Stimmung und Atmosphaere um 16.22. Den Impuls findet Ihr hier.

Nachmittag im November

Schon so dunkel!

Meine Gedanken wandern

zum offenen Feuer

zu Hause.


Today’s prompt is the second part of the double prompt which started yesterday and is “16.22”.

Afternoon in November

It’s already dark.

My thoughts wander

to the open fire at home.


Feel free to add your own creation. You have to add your link to the comments though as my blog is now self-hosted and ping-backs do not necessarily work. I will share your poem on social media. Have fun!


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