#frapalymo November 17 ~ #poem/#Gedicht No 11

You can find the English part of this post after the photo.

Heute dichten wir zu Stimmungen um 4 Uhr 22 am Morgen. Hier findet Ihr den Impuls.


Vier Uhr Zwei Und Zwanzig

Vier mal wach geworden.

Uhr angeschaut und

Zwei mal umgedreht

Und zwei mal aufgestanden.

Zwanzig mal Sorgen gemacht…



Today @FrauPaulchen asked us to have a look at the atmosphere and mood at 4.22 in the morning.

My English poem is not a direct translation of the German poem.

Feel free to add your own creation. You have to add your link to the comments though as my blog is now self-hosted and ping-backs do not necessarily work. I will share your poem on social media. Have fun!


Four O’clock and Twenty Two Minutes

Four times woken up.

Oh, clock, why do you bother me?

And why do you give me

Twenty sorrows and

Two worries in all those

Minutes of the night?


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