Wordless Wednesday’s Sunflowers

Today I just want to share some pictures with you of our incredible sunflowers. We got the seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue  and the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world fed it with nettle brew pretty much all summer long.

I had planted four but unfortunately, the pigeons in our garden liked to sit on them and we had a couple of storms so close by the sea so two fell over. These two are left:


The one on the left is amazing because its head is so huge and the other is amazing because it gets more and more flowers and it is tall. Really tall. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world is 6ft2 and look at him beside the sunflower:

The nasturtium underneath are from seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue too and have gone a little wild 🙂

And at last just another two pictures of the sunflowers itself:


This post takes part in Wordless Wednesday. Please head over and find more flowers, cats, landscapes and and and and….

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2 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday’s Sunflowers”

  1. I have been to a sunflower field once! Its was a memorable experience.
    Lovely captures!

    1. I can imagine that it was impressive. Thanks for your compliment.

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