And another C….. The Clerihew

This post appeared first in March 2013. Feel free to try a Clerihew :-)!

he was happily sitting back and munching on so...
he was happily sitting back and munching on something. and munching, and munching… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I promise to check my little list of poetry ABC’s better in the future as I have missed quite a few C’s by the looks of it.

So for today we go back to the C and cast a look at the Clerihew:

It is named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley who got famous for his little whimsical poems about more or less famous people. Clerihews are rhyming poems with a pattern of aabb and usually, the first line ends with the name the poem is about. There are no rules as to the length of lines or rhythm of the poem.

Here is my take on the Clerihew:

Justin Biber

Why does Justin Biber

just look a bit like a beaver

maybe his mother heard

the according German word.

Brilliant! This was really fun. As an explanation: “Der Bieber” which is spoken the same like Justin’s last name, is the German word for “the beaver”.

I hope you enjoyed this too and try out one as well. Share them with us if you like.

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