Oh dear I missed a C: Concrete Poetry

I posted this in February 2013 but thought it might inspire you to write something different this week 🙂

English: Poetry

English: Poetry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concrete Poetry is poetry in which shape is important to bring around the intended effect.

Now I do love this form and I have been playing around with it as well but unfortunately I have not figured out yet how to do it with WordPress. No matter how I do it in the edit section it always comes out in the normal way when posted.

Therefore I’ll be a bit lazy today and just post links to examples. I do apologise and hope you bear with me 🙂

Examples of Concrete Poetry:

Easter Wings

Sonnet in the shape of a potted Christmastree

Images of Concrete Poetry:


Theory of Concrete Poetry:

Concrete Poetry on Wikipedia




Eye Magazine

The Guardian

2 thoughts on “Oh dear I missed a C: Concrete Poetry

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