Creatively Starting with an old prompt


March 2017

I feel life has gone chaotic all of a sudden. I do not recognise many of my fellow humans and my future suddenly is rather chaotic. I have no idea if I can stay where I want to stay or if I will be forced to leave.

My intuition tells me it won’t come to that but who knows. Life is constantly on the move. Two years might bring a lot.

So when I went through my old posts and found this poetry prompt from 2012 I thought I just recycle it :-):

September 2012

“Chaos” ~ #MondayPrompt for week 17/09 – 23/09/2012

Those of you who are more spiritual and who are interested in astrology know, that the last week with its new moon on Saturday brought strong energies that might have had pretty chaotic influences on our lives.  That is why the #MondayPrompt for the week 17/09 ~ 23/09/2012 is:


Write, verse, get creative and if you like, link to this blog or leave your poems in the comment box. THANKS! 

Have fun!




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