Thursday Doors in Cromer


I haven’t done much Thursday doors lately but in one of my lunch breaks I went for a walk and took some pictures in Cromer. Have fun! (They are a little all over the place I admit but you still get an impression of the place 🙂 )



This post takes part in Norm’s wonderful “Thursday Doors“! Please head over and find more fun with doors!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors in Cromer

      • Thank you, I’ll ceetainly let you know:) I live and work in Cordoba, Spain, so I only go back on short visits once or twice a year, usually to London, where I used to live, but I hope to get early retirement soon, so I’ll have some more free time, so who knows? If you visit Córdoba, let me know, too. I’ve featured a haunted building on my doors this week. The Old Town is stunning💗

        • Thank you very much xxxx I’ve been to Malaga and Torremolinos in tbe early 90’s as a driend of mine worked there but never had the chance to come back. I loved your haunted doors so Cordoba certainly has found a place on my travel bucket list 🙂

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