Making Everyone Uncomfortable – Blog Post 17

Important points to think about!

Jezebel's Journey

There is a growing movement of recognition about child abuse in our society today that can only be applauded. Despite those who would prefer to deny its existence, those who hurl verbal abuse and hatred at survivors, those who dismiss and apologise for paedophiles and abusers, some small gains are being made. Social progression is slowly but surely resulting in an acknowledgement of the amount of predators at large, the damage sustained by survivors and the enormous gaps that exist within the system when it comes to helping them, and the changes necessary in order to halt the repetition of the same mistakes.

As a child, I was given a very limited definition of abuse. Specifically that physical abuse could only be executed with the use of an object and sexual abuse/assault could only ever be perpetrated by a male. This warped viewpoint was bolstered by the fact that my…

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