Philosophy #112

One of my favourite philosophers and quote: ” Dare to think ” and what do you think about this post?


“Dare to think!”
Immanuel Kant, What is Enlightenment?


The power of these three words, it’s immeasurable. They should be written in every corner of our homes, tattooed on each other’s foreheads, so we could remind each other of how to live our lives and even be recited out loud every day at our “schools.”

There is not much to explain when it comes to this phenomenal and universal quote: “Dare To Think!” Kant said it as a clear reminder of what the problem is in our society and it even provides us with the answer. How many of our teens can think for themselves? How many of them reason without being asked to? Personally, I believe that there are still some young minds screaming in silence, trying to give us the answer to a lot of simple issues in our world, but we, as we so often do, refuse to…

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