Thought of the day ~ 8Feb16


I have read a few articles lately who compared Mr T to Adolf Hitler but most of them concluded you cannot compare them because Hitler killed millions while Mr T hasn’t. I believe that is a wrong conclusion.

They compare Mr T at the beginning of his presidency with Adolf Hitler at the end of his rule. At the beginning, Hitler wasn’t a mass murderer either but a non-establishment¬†politician who had gained power through people who had enough of the establishment and wanted something else. Does that sound familiar?

We will see at the end of Mr T’s presidency how close he is to the famous German Dictator!

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One thought on “Thought of the day ~ 8Feb16

  1. I fear you are spot on and have been saying so for some time now. May we all remember what happened, and may we all unite and shout as loud as we can, “Never again!” Thank you Bee. <3 <3 <3

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