Donald Trump: Portrait of a fascist?

Great post! As I said: we will be able to judge at the end of Mr T’s reign how close he will come to Mr H.

Globe Drifting



‘Using a bronze mirror, one can see whether one is properly attired; using history as a mirror, one can understand the rise and fall of a nation; using man as a mirror, one can understand right and wrong.’ – Chinese Emperor Taizong (598 – 649)

History is not simply a series of events whose shadows linger only in the sub-consciousness of those who have experienced them, but rather a mirror that transcends time in which we can see political phenomena and modern day morality vividly reflected back at us. Ask any teacher or parent the importance of the study of history and they will most probably reply, ‘it allows us to learn from the past’. In the knowledge that history is our guide, perhaps we can go some way to determining the stance of the US President on fascism and our fate in his hands.

From playground bickering and comedy acts to online forums…

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