The thing with the fireplace


Some of us may remember that there was a time when there wasn’t a TV program 24/7 (those were the days 😉 ).

When I was a teenager in the 80’s in Germany we did get more than the usual 4 or 5 TV stations but still at night there wasn’t much program. However, one TV station had a fireplace with a burning fire on all night and guess what? That was the program most people were watching. A source of amusement ever since :-).

Well, a roaring fireplace is something nice and you did not have many working fireplaces left then in Germany. That was something for the rich.

Last week I took some pictures of our fireplace to try out the manual settings of my mobile camera and I also took a little video which reminded me of that TV program. So I thought what was good for German TV in the 80’s must be good for my blog in 2017 LOL.

So here our fireplace for your entertainment ;-)!

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