A Poem for the Orchard ~ Hopeful


January 2017

I wrote this post in June 2014 but I think it might be a good poem and thought for “The Orchard of Hope”.

June 2014

I have always wondered what makes a good poem a good poem. Especially at school where we had been bombarded with stuff that did not tell me anything. And then I read poems on my own and they spoke to me, but my teachers would labeled them “cr..”.

So often the poems of writers were not considered good in their time, but centuries later they are hailed as wonderful.

Today there is a vast field of poetry to be read on blogs and in self-published books and the established publishers and poets who are published by those brand them as lesser quality.

But what really makes a good poem? It can’t just be the brilliant use of images or rhyme or metaphors. I love Erich Fried but Walt Whitman bores me to death. So where is the difference? I have been thinking about this question since about 25 years and have not found an answer to it. Maybe I have just given up and just write and read them and enjoy the ones I like and leave the others. Maybe that is the best approach to a poem anyway.



We come to the end of our path.

We have fought

and waited

and hoped.

Will we be with you or lost forever?

Maybe you remember my “Lost souls” series that I have started a few years ago writing about the experience of dissociation due to abuse. For this year I had planned to publish another poetry book mainly with those poems, but I somehow put that on hold. Looks like writing this blog has more priority right now, but I will come back to it. Besides I have decided to create a book with my “A Prompt A Day For Bee” poems as well. And I will just follow my intuition what I consider being good enough to go in there :-). I think that is a good plan for next year.

January 2017

I have changed my mind about Walt Whitman since :-), however, those two book projects are still on hold. Well, looks like my year of finishing unfinished projects just got a few more to finish ;-)!


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