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January 2017

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I am a huge fan of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and her tools for a creative life.

After a long abstinence from Morning pages I have come back to them in December when I felt the warning signs of bad mental health coming on.

One I haven’t yet fully reactivated is “The Artist’s Date”. We are supposed to do something we always wanted to do in a way we can afford. Well, I have to admit that I never really wanted to be an architect or an explorer but I love to do both on PS4’s Minecraft.

So maybe I have to give myself a Minecraft session every week as my artists date :-).

Sometime in 2014

Ok then on with the course.

Besides the basic principles that lead through the book there are two tools that Julia Cameron advices us to do.

I have been writing about the morning pages already but here a short reminder: She advices to write 3 A-4 pages every morning in longhand where you can leave all your worries, sort out your tasks for the day and think up your new projects. It is a kind of brain storming where you can leave everything on the page that might distract you from your art.

I have not been doing them properly since I stopped the course in August and it does have an effect. It makes me kind of distracted and I lose focus on my writing. I think it is really good to do it every day.

The second tool is the so-called “Artist’s Date“. A date a week with yourself and your inner artist child where you do something you really really love. Again it does not need to be something expensive. For me, it used to be “go to a pilgrims place close by and meditate in the church or go for a walk and take pictures”. For both, I only needed the petrol to get there.

Right now without my camera (it stopped working a few weeks ago)¬†, I feel a bit lost and I am not courageous enough yet to use my husbands. So I’ve decided to change it into watching a film. Either get it from the library or use any of the player programs on telly.

Let’s see if I can get myself to do it next week!

January 2017

Interesting how I perceived “The Artists Date” then. How things change :-)!

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