#JusJoJan 2017 – Time

Linda asked in her prompt how we are hanging in the new year.

I’m hanging low. Two panic attacks in the last two days of 2016 and I’m thrown out of balance entirely.

But at least I stay consistent: I started and ended 2016 the same way.

However, I really have no time for this shit. I’ve done everything I could to prevent it and take good care of my wellbeing but boy did it hit.

Not much I can do but pat the black dog and ask for its lesson. 

I think though I have come further along on my path: I have not lost my new attitude fully. It’s just hidden in the back of my mind and I just need to coax it out again.

So I bugger of and spend my time doing just that :-).

Take good care of yourselves!

This post takes part in Linda’s “Just Jot It January” and the prompt was provided by JoAnna.

Author: beehalton2

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5 Thoughts to “#JusJoJan 2017 – Time”

  1. Hope today was better. From experience I know those panic attacks can be awful. xo

  2. Peace, Bee. Thanks for writing!

  3. May 2017 bring you a more peaceful and stress free year.

  4. Wishing you all the very best Bee. Take care.

  5. Wishing you well Bee, and hoping you can tame that dog. xxxx

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