New Year, New You: A Guest Post by @CadenceDenton #newyearnewyou #ASMSG #99cents

Looking for some reading inspiration and some motivation for 2017? This blog post might just be it 🙂

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2016: The best thing I can say about last year is it’s finally over. What it was: a year of turmoil, protests, and outright fighting. What it wasn’t: a year of productive story plotting, character development, and plain old butt in the chair and hands on the keyboard.

2017: My reset year. A year of new hope, new skills, new goals, and new stories. This year I plan to write two books in the Immortal Firewalkers series, finish the Wicked Palate trilogy, and begin a collaborative YA series with author, Livia Quinn.

What happened?

First, a long neglected but necessary break. I needed to step back and take a long look at what I was writing versus what I want to write. I enjoy the paranormal genre, love fantasy and alternate worlds. I’ve been kicking around several possible stories. Putting fresh ideas in my Maybe file while trashing the old…

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