#JusJoJan Day 3 ~ Warning


What on earth am I supposed to write about that prompt?

I could, of course, mention that I had some warnings all along December of the coming doom. Ah, well, that might be a little overdramatic but that’s how I feel right now.

Overdramatic, on the edge and going to extremes!

That’s what anxiety and depression does to you. Changes your point of view, lets you do things out of the order and just muddles with your brain.

I hadn’t planned to use #JusJoJan for therapeutic blogging but well: maybe that’s how it was supposed to be for me this time around.

Back to the warning:

~ I did not want to write

~ I had trouble sleeping

~ I had enough of being sensible

~ several small panic attacks

Thing is: I knew it and I took care to meditate, write diary, take medication, get myself help and just being aware that something was not right. Still, it wasn’t enough and it looks like I just have to accept that no matter what I do sometimes it is not enough.

That’s hard to accept. I prefer to be in control. I prefer to feel ok and good and not in chaos. However, I read a quote that keeps popping up in my mind:

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain is often reputed to have said. (Source: quote investigator).

No, my situation hasn’t repeated itself. But it rhymes thoroughly. I will get through it faster than before. It won’t end in me being off work for weeks just a few days. And it won’t make me believe that all is lost. Because it isn’t.

I have warnings and I heed them. So life, the universe and 2017 bring it on!

This post takes part in Linda’s inspiring “Just Jot It January” and today’s prompt was provided by Dan over at “No Facilities“.

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