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In spring/summer 2016 I stumbled over an exciting project. It is called “The Community Channel(this link is a little behind the times as it is not owned by Media Trust anymore) and has originally been at home at Sky.

It broadcasts 24/7 about community projects, charities and has inspired many people to do something brilliant. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and I were skipping through programs and just could not find anything to watch. So we ended up at the to this date for us obscure “Community Channel“. It was a program about a group of bikers who went through France and other parts of Europe to fundraise for Riders for Health.

We actually never saw the beginning of the series which made it a little difficult to follow but it was fascinating none the less. This series showed their way from London to Valencia interrupted by visits to hotels, mountains  and food producers along the way.

What fascinated me was the fact that it challenged my tv watching habits as this program is not as sleek as mainstream programs but oozes of motivation and passion to making the lives of people in Africa better. I love to see other parts of Europe and the world they certainly gave interesting glimpses of it.

As I said above the Community Channel used to be owned by the Media Trust, however, 2016 meant a big change for the TV channel as it decided to change their status to a peopled owned channel and to become a charity itself. And they managed!

This advert made me aware of their project and I tweeted a few times about it.

And I also gave a little bit of money. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to become a proper shareholder (you were supposed to give 50£) but every little helps as one of the famous UK supermarkets say and so I gave my little bit and am now informed about all changes that happen at the Community Channel.

In October they started the process of creating a board where members could suggest applicants. These applicants had to fully apply with CV and showing that they have experience and skills to improve the Community Channel. At the beginning of November, the members could vote online and the winners of the elections were supposed to be announced at the 11th of November. Unfortunately, I have no new information yet and could not find anything on the internet either.

So I keep watching when I have time but am also determined to let you know what is going on. One program I like is London 360 which keeps you up to date what is going on London not only charity wise and from an alternative point of view:

However, I am a little sad that Community Channel went fully HD in September which means we cannot watch it upstairs anymore as our old TV is not HD compatible. Never mind. There is always the laptop and the internet :-).

So what do you think about the Community Channel? Have you heard about it before? And if you are not from the UK are there similar projects in your area? I would love to hear from you!

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