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November 2016

Today I introduce you to an organisation that I have featured on my old blog “A Spirit of Healing” in April. One of my goals is to find an organisation for every country in the world that helps survivors of abuse and create a collection here.

April 2016

Survivor SaturdayIf you are a woman survivor of childhood abuse in India, then you have a strong organisation at your side that can help you not only coming to terms with your situation but also to become an ambassador for the cause.

RAHI Foundation in India

RAHI is the organisation founded by Anuja Gupta in 1996. They say about themselves:

RAHI’s professional services for adult women survivors is based on an informed understanding of psychological trauma. They are uniquely designed, informed by years of working with and understanding survivors and their specific issues. The RAHI Model of Healing is located within social contexts and change, transforming trauma through social action and building social awareness.

One clear goal is raising awareness about the issue of incest/ CSA and building resources within the country for effective prevention and intervention. Even as it educates and trains, many of RAHI’s initiatives are driven by the belief that survivors can convert their pain by taking meaningful action in social prevention. The organization runs programs and workshops, using innovative and effective methods. It provides information, resources and referrals, continually building a network of handpicked professionals as associates.

While firmly located within the feminist movement in the country, RAHI also straddles the different and strongly related areas of Women’s Rights, Child Rights, Mental Health, Trauma, and Sexuality.

RAHI is based in New Delhi, India, and works across the country.

RAHI provides a vast offer of courses, training and therapy

RAHI provides a broad offer of college and school courses to educate about incest and sexual abuse, therapy, and training for adult survivors, talks and workshops about the issue.

No matter what you have experienced concerning sexual violence, you are not alone and can find a way to change the trauma into something positive.

Reaching out to RAHI

RAHI Homepage

011 41607055

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