Survivor Saturday ~ Changing Attitude

We are at the end of the year and many of us use it for looking back.

So do I and what I can see in 2016 makes me proud: 

2016 has not only fulfilled a dream (moving into our own house) for the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and me but also changed my attitude profoundly.

Well, I have been working on this change for many years but in 2016 I have done a big step forward.

All year I have posted on and off about gratitude and the “Habits of Kindness & Gratitude” which were supposed to change your minds focus from hopelessness and being a victim to positivity and taking your life into your own hands.In my experience this is entirely the case. 

That change is subtle. It takes time. It is challenged by old thinking patterns time and time again but it works. 

My day job hasn’t changed, I feel challenged by what is going on in the world and old experiences surface and challenge my relationships but I do not feel as much a victim of these circumstances anymore.

When I experience these challenges I first of all ask myself: What does that mean for me? How do I feel about it? And what can I do to stay in balance despite this upheaval? 

Sometimes the answer is: if you can’t change the situation change your attitude!

At other times it is: if you go through hell, keep going!

But also: where is the blessing in disguise in this!

And always: what do I need to do in this moment to make myself feel better!

Being grateful for my wonderful husband and his children, for the home we are allowed to create, for the basics of food, love and creativity keep me grounded in this very moment and help me choose actions that hopefully bring more positivity into this world and that makes me proud and happy.

It also proves that you can move from victim of abuse to survivor and thriver. It proves that you can be happy and fulfilled even when trauma has struck your life.

It is hard work. It includes looking at parts of your life that hurt terribly and it is an ingoing process but it is worth the energy you put into it.

In this sense: have a wonderful, healing and creative 2017!

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  1. Happy New Year, Bee!

    1. Same to you 🙂

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