Poem at night ~ Words Travel Again


Today I share with you a poem I wrote in 2015 when I’ve done a poetry project for a year. It’s a dedication to one of my favourite poets Erich Fried who is Austrian-born but lived in the UK for a long time. I chose words from a poem of his and created a new poem. This is what I wrote in 2015:

The one I chose to work with is “Words“. I took only verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns of the poem and then created a new one.

These are the words I have used:

words lose syllables tiredness silly mistakes begin typewriter want fall asleep wake daily sadness happenings world things I prevent word starts groom quietly hums half thought starts brushing looks another momentarily choking something swallow looks around takes half thought hand says: Come tired words fly typos laugh themselves half whole thoughts London’s ghetto sea plains mountains across spot walk down steps garden morning pause pay attention look see rest hear flutter little cold perhaps still little misplaced truly happy you


Words travel again

Again words travel.

They fly quietly

While you are asleep.

Syllables of happenings

On plains, sea and mountains

Want to fall daily into sadness.

They don’t wake anymore

On typewriters. They

Begin maybe in London’s Ghetto

Just to hum in every spot in

This world.

A word momentarily

Might lose its mistakes but

Tiredness pays attention

To silly things that begin

To groom typos but

Prevent nothing.

Half thoughts and

Tired words walk down

Little misplaced steps

In our I’s.

They look around and brush

On something to choke on.

Then half thoughts start

To swallow and look for one another.

They start.

They take each others hand and look

Around in their little garden.

One says: “come” but the

Whole of them pause and

Laugh at themselves.

See across in the morning

To the spot where they rest.

Hear them flutter before

Perhaps they become still.

Will they ever be truly happy?

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