Poem at night: In the bleak Midwinter

Is it hypocritic to write about the dominance of Christianity in today’s culture and media just a post before and then go back and post a famous Christmas poem? Maybe. However, I was raised in this culture and being aware of a dominance doesn’t mean to me to “discriminate” against that part of the culture.

This morning I want to showcase a poem and song that I love very much: “In the bleak Midwinter” by Christina Rossetti. She wrote the poem in the late nineteen hundreds but it was published posthumously in 1904.

You can find the lyrics of the poem at the above link but I let another lady tell you the story :-). The lovely Julie Andrews via YouTube:

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4 Thoughts to “Poem at night: In the bleak Midwinter”

  1. Touching melody and words!

    1. That is true. I just love the song

  2. Beautiful delightful song and poem

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