Lean against… and listen ~17Dec16 ~ Refugees


It’s Saturday again and sometimes I just can’t do Linda’s wonderful “SoCS“. Then I return to a writing prompt I know and love for a long time. This is how it goes!

I quote Kasey Mathews from the WANA group “Write to Heal” for this writing prompt: 

“With paper and pen, or computer handy, lean back in your chair, or against the wall, or a sofa, etc., close your eyes and imagine you are sitting under a large tree with your back resting against the trunk. On the other side of the tree, a Storyteller has come to sit down and also rest against the tree trunk. With eyes still closed, just listen. Wait for the Storyteller to begin his or her story. When you hear it begin, simply write down all that you hear. “


Aeroplanes over my head. I imagine how my grandmother as a young woman would have wondered if they release their deadly load or just head over her little town towards Dresden or Leipzig. I am so glad she doesn’t have to experience the refugee crises. It would have brought back memories she probably rather not have had:

She and her friends being held in a house in the middle of nowhere. The people smugglers off to get the police to keep the money but get the people into trouble. They escaped. She ended up in prison for a little. Then a refugee camp from where she could go where my grandfather was waiting.

I am not sure if it is just me or if the plight of refugees is deeper ingrained in the German memory and awareness than the British. My grandparents on my mother’s side helped many of the Germans who had to flee the east after the war. Not sure but I think the village I grew up in suddenly had nearly double as many inhabitants because the mass of refugees had to find homes somewhere.

I doubt that went without problems. I know from where I lived in the North of Germany later on that many of the “natives” resented the “newcomers” because of the help they got. No one had much in those days. However, I believe there were many who helped and saw the pain and sorrow the refugees had to experience.

No one ever wins in a war. Not the soldiers, not the victims. Not even the politicians who create them and stay behind in their cosy homes or safe bunkers while their people die by the dozen. Maybe the weapon producers and sellers might get something out of it. But I strongly believe that the energy we send out into the world comes back to us manyfold. If it is an aggressive and overpowering energy we will experience aggression. If it is a loving and healing energy we will experience love and healing. What do you choose today?


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