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November 2016

I found this old post and I think it is still important

December 2014

Today will just be a very, very short post. It is nearly Christmas, and everybody is hectically organising the last things, so I do not want to stop you from your X-mas stress 😉

I have found two blog posts which explain copyright and myths around copyright very well. It is easy to understand, written from a US point of view but gives you the gist about important bits of the copyright saga.

I am not quite sure how up-to-date it is as it mainly covers basics. The author Brad Templeton does not only speak about the internet but also about Usenet, which apparently is the “first” internet more working with newsgroups and forum-kind of groups. Even though I researched the expression it was not quite clear to me if the Usenet is still active and used or not. It also seemed to have had a big problem with spammers, and it often seemed to have been used for spreading porn and child porn.

When you read, the article just ignores the parts dealing with Usenet unless you know exactly what it is and have or do use it.

Here you can find both articles here:

A Brief Intro to Copyright
10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained

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