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November 2016

I posted this book review two years ago and I thought it might be a good suggestion for every crime reader out there. I enjoyed the book immensely.

December 2014

Publisher: Henery Press
Publishing date: 9 December 2014
Genre: crime
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, e-book
Source: review copy by BookTour.Tips

Bees: 5 of 6

About the story:

Red Solaris’s boss the Dean of the School of Journalism in Landry has been found dead. The police suspect members of the School as some of them have been  fighting over the way the school is going with each other and the dean. Now she is the interim dean and has to deal with those still acting like schoolyard bullies while her private life takes a turn to the better. But will her life be in jeopardy as well?

About the author: 

Bourne Morris started writing in Bennington College where she studied under Howard Nemerow. She later went on to write for Vanguard Press as well as McCalls Magazine after which she joined Ogilvy Agency in New York. She later was promoted to lead the agencies branch in Los Angeles before joining Reynolds School of Journalism at The University of Nevada, Reno as a full professor. She retired in 2009 to write and has four children and 8 grandchildren and a golden retriever.

Honey Bees in the book:

I have to admit I am entirely biased in this case: I just love red haired heroines no matter what. If you have been bullied for being ginger for half of your school life, you are just fascinated by red haired, strong women who wield their passions and face their fears head-on. And if they win ~ the book has won.

Well, of course, it is not that easy but Bourne Morris has created a main character who has the potential to become the next Kay Scarpetta. Troubled by her mother’s alcoholism she had her own experiences with drinking too much but managed to find a healthy balance. Like Scarpetta, she is in a professional environment dominated by men and often by old-fashioned men whom she deals with with wit and courage. And like Scarpetta she believes in values like justice and ethical behaviour which she has to defend even against friends.

All the characters are frighteningly realistic, and I often wondered by reading “The Red Queens Run” how much of fighting has gone on behind the doors of my university. It is a book full of conflict both internal for Red Solaris and external with her colleagues and her new lover. This book never got boring. It is well paced, and I could not stop reading until I found out who dun it. And I also cannot wait for the second book. I just need to know how Red gets on with Joe.

Stinging Bees in the book:

I had trouble to connect at first because the language is quite sophisticated, and there were quite a few words I had to look up. But as it is a university environment, of course, the characters cannot speak like a tramp or a teenager.

And the mead of it all?

I read this book in two days. It is a must-read

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