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Blog Love

I should keep a journal where I note down when and why I stumbled over a great blog to make sure I can tell you about it here at “Blog Love”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done so yet and I can’t really tell you why I started following Luanne at “Following Seas”. I suspect it might have been Norm’s Thursday Doors or Linda’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”.

No matter why I started it is a great blog and I warmly suggest to you to pay her a visit here:

Following Seas

Luanne has a beautiful “About” section where she describes where life has led her (raising three children, gaining degrees and life experience and much more).

She does beautiful photo posts to different prompts one of which I like especially. It is 30 Days of Gratitude (and I just decided I will do that in January 2017 besides Linda’s “Just Jot It January”. I think that’s a great start into the new year!) 

Throughout 2016 I have become a huge fan of the habit of gratitude and the amazing transformational power it has. And so Luanne’s posts have inspired me greatly.

You can find inspirational posts, posts about writing, posts about life, posts about a cat (? 😉 ) posts….

but you know what? Please head over and find out for yourself!!!!!

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