Creatively Starting ~ 12Dec16

August 2012

I love those boots adverts with the girls and that song “Here come the girls“. Not that I am too much into makeup etc, in fact, I do not use it at all but somehow that song reminds me of my inner child. That is why this week’s writing prompt is to honour our inner children. So please ladies and gentlemen write, verse, dance, sing, paint, photograph and/or get creative in any way you see fit about

A Secret present for my inner child!

And sorry boys that there is no “Here come the boys…” song 🙂

Creatively Starting taking part suggestions

  • read this week’s prompt
  • remember it when you run out of ideas
  • use it in any way you like (song, photo, story, dance, drawing….)
  • put a pingback to this post so I can share it with as many followers as possible
  • Have fun

Now go, create and have lots of fun!

7 thoughts on “Creatively Starting ~ 12Dec16

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