The Cut-Up-Machine-Poem

October 2016

Yes, I know when this is posted it will be November but does it matter? In the last few days I have written some new poems and posted them here. However, I need some fun and a little playing around and therefore I am going back to one of my favourite poetry sites: Language is a Virus.

It has a lot of writing prompts, writing gizmos and gadgets and all in all is just great fun for any writing block to just vanish. Today I am using The Cut-Up-Machine and enter this text:

I’ve cut it up

It is October

and I sit on

the sofa.

No  mug of tea.

I had coffee.
Lot’s of it.

Now I am hyper like a

chicken on crack.

I can see the branches of 

the trees outside

dance in the wind

It winds them up

and down skillfully.

And I wonder


The Cut-Up-Machine

will make of this.

get your behind up...
get your behind up…

Let’s see what “Language is a Virus” will make of it :-). It’s been cut twice:


I’ve cut it up

down winds winds on wonder

What The the trees sit sofa.

No mug of wonder

What The branches this.

on the winds on down wonder

What The coffee.

Lot’s a chicken sofa.

No coffee.

Lot’s crack.

I am outside dance

had mug up and skillfully.

And mug the I trees

had mug

can had is had

in down wonder

What The….


I am sitting here barking with laughter…… 🙂


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