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October 2016

I published this post for the first time in March on my old blog “A Spirit of Healing”.

March 2016

I have set myself the goal to provide information about help for survivors of abuse around the globe. When I do any research into abuse, it is always the charities from developed countries that pop up first.

Even though I believe they give valuable information on what abuse and other sexual violence are for survivors all over the world, they are not helpful if you are in immediate need of help in any African or Asian country.

It will need a while until I develop a concluding collection but as in everything, I will get there step by step.

Survivor Saturday

Today I want to introduce you to “TEARS” in South Africa, an organisation which helps survivors of sexual violence but also works to prevent sexual violence through education.

Mara Glennie, who had experienced rape herself and was send away by police when she tried to report it, founded the organisation.

They offer a helpline, downloadable information on sexual violence and news on sexual violence. What I liked about their page is the fact that you can contact them in many different ways. Not everybody is able or willing to call. They also offer the possibility to fax or txt them. That is a very helpful thing for a survivor.

Something that struck me as odd at first is the fact that there are so many buttons on the page that allow you to exit it. On looking through the page and feeling my anxiety rising which often happens when I do research on sexual violence I realised that they allow you to exit the page fast when the content gets too much for you. That is very thoughtful of them.

Researching more led me to “Give Back” which is a page that let you research charities in South Africa. They provide full details about TEARS. For example, you can contact TEARS with your mobile free of charge. If you do so, they directly send you information on charities and help-centres in your area. And that is something a survivor in crisis dearly needs.

You can read up more on TEARS on this page: Give Back ~ Charity Information ~ TEARS

You can find more information from TEARS themselves here:

You can contact TEARS like this:

Helpline:  *134*7355#
SMS: *134*7355#
Landline: 010 590 5920
Fax: +27 (0) 86 520 0316


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