Creatively Starting ~ 21Nov16


September 2016

This Creatively Starting post hopefully makes you smile 🙂

August 2012

We have been to Germany on our holiday and visited a place called Noerdlingen. It is in the south of the country still pretty much medieval in architecture with the wall around still standing and somehow they have been taken to pigs. All over the place you can find little statues like this:



They reminded me of the German saying “So eine Sauerei” which means “Such a mess”. But the word for “mess” in German has to do with the German word for “pig” which is “Sau”. So literally translated it would be this week’s Creatively Starting prompt:

“Such a piggery”!

I admit a bit far-fetched but maybe it inspires you anyway :-)!

Write, verse, paint, dance, photography and/or get creative in any way you see fit.

Creatively Starting taking part suggestions

  • read this week’s prompt
  • remember it when you run out of ideas
  • use it in any way you like (song, photo, story, dance, drawing….)
  • put a pingback to this post so I can share it with as many followers as possible
  • Have fun

Now go, create and have lots of fun!


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