Poem at night ~ Remember



Remember, remember

not the fifth but the ninth

of November.

Thugs took over

good citizens

stayed quiet.

And no one was left

to say a thing

when they came

at last for them.

So remember remember

not the fifth but the ninth

of November


evil can take over

in the blink of

an eye


you do believe

it can  not

happen again!


photo credit Mike Licht via Flickr


This post is dedicated to the victims of Kristallnacht in Germany in 1939 and all victims of racism. And I hope it is a reminder for all of us to not get complacent and let the thugs take over again!


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7 thoughts on “Poem at night ~ Remember

  1. I agree so much Bee. What I find most disturbing is, that anyone at all are voting at Trump. When no one of the candidates are optimal, then they need to vote at the most positive of the not optimal.
    Then I think, that there are people in the part of our world, as should have been better educated.

    • I think many feel so disadvantaged that they just go for anyone who doesn’t look like establishment and promises them the world. All will be disappointed because the world isn’t anymore like it used to be. And what Brexiteers and Trump promises won’t happen so they will feel even more disadvantaged. I am not sure if education helps. We are at a cross roads as humans but no one knows where to go

  2. Interesting, if you hadn’t written this I would never ever thought about this subject.
    Thanks it is right to remember these things and pray that nothing like that ever happens again.

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