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October 2016
I just discovered a poem from 2014 and the related post. For a while, we had to stop ordering with that grower because the quality went down enormously. But they just offered us a “come-back” order and we tried it again and they are back to their old standards. I am so happy!
May 2015
Yesterday evening I was tired. I hardly had the drive to write another blog post, but as I had challenged myself to write so much I just decided to get on with it anyway. So I just sat down and wrote what came into my mind.
I suspect that all poets work like that. The good ones just edit it properly while I often prefer them to stay as raw as when they appeared to me. Not sure what to say about this one. Might be that it was somehow inspired by our new experience of ordering a vegetable and fruit box from an organic grower.
We were quite sceptical: Will it be enough? Will the quality be ok? Will it be more expensive? We got it yesterday and to our astonishment the quality is superb; it is enough and it is not even a lot more expensive. Plus it comes directly to our door and therefore my shopping will be a lot lighter in the future. I am very pleased.
Especially after I read a blog post about a black list of supermarket vegetables and fruit full of toxins and most of them on the list were on our table. Our body is our temple and if we feed it crap it will fall down.
And looking around the supermarket, I work for and seeing many customers just waddling along like zombies I more and more believe it. Especially if I consider what these people put in their baskets. But well, it is their life to live and their decisions to take not mine. I have taken a healthier option and believe it will be good for us.



The green grass of home has gone dry. Over the ocean is life. Or maybe just over the wall. But here in this in between nothing grows or develops or lives. This “nothing” so subtle we do not even register it anymore. Our lives have gone stale with the preservatives they feed us.

This post has belatedly taken part in “Midweek Motif“.

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