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October 2016

I love @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo and have taken part and translated her prompts for the last couple of years. This year though in November I won’t be able to do so. We have just moved and I do not know when we’ll be online again. Unfortunately, my mobile internet isn’t strong enough usually so I can’t do it via my phone.

If we’ll be online again and/or my mobile internet does it I will post some extra posts and translate her prompts for you to take part. Otherwise, we’ll meet again in May 2017 for another round of English #frapalymo.

Here though, for all those who are not so familiar with this German poetry project the explanation I gave in May 2012:

May 2012

(Links in this entry are in German)

Last week I discovered a lovely German lady who set herself a challenge for May: To write a poem a day and she called it #frapalymo! #frapalymo means Frau Paulchen’s Lyrik Monat ~ Mrs Paulchen’s Poetry Monty that is in English.

As far as I understood she took part in NaNoWriMo and that gave her the idea to do something similar for poetry. I just love that idea as it is just fun to write poems and she tweets not only her own poems but also the ones of those who take part. A brilliant way of giving each others blogs some traffic and exposure.

I asked her if she would mind if I would do an English version and she agreed ~ thanks @FrauPaulchen!!!!!!

Here is how it goes:

She posts a prompt from what she is reading in books, on-line or whatever comes to her in everyday life.

I translate it and put it in here.

You can use that or just write a poem which comes to your mind. You can choose the form of the poem as well as the title. If you choose the exact words of the impulse then please show this.

You post it in your blog and send me the link that I can tweet it. You can also tweet it yourself with the hashtag #frapalymo which we would retweet.  If you do not have a blog enter your poem in the comment box of this blog and I will tweet it.

This is the English version no need for you to write in German 🙂 but if you want to translate it or want me to translate it ~ be our guest!

For any more questions just leave a comment here or write to me @Morgaine620.

Am looking forward to your poems!!!!

English frapalymo


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