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The BeeYesterday I introduced you to Ann Morgan’s new project “Postcards from my Bookshelf” which inspired me to re-activate my Goodreads Group “#supporttranslatedbooks”.

I think in today’s world where so many believe in putting up walls and keeping the world out of our countries it is more important than ever to look over our soup plates rim 😉 (I translated this German saying literally which means “to be aware of the things going on around you and not only in your little world”) and finding out about how people in other countries live, what they hope for and most of all what their authors write. Books are such a great way to travel, meet people out there and broaden our horizon.

Three years ago I took part in the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Readers Day where I first stumbled over Ann’s blog and it inspired me to create the reading group on Goodreads. I used to take part in a reading group in Norwich which read translated fiction but as my mental health went so bad in those years I had to stop a lot of things which are important to me. The group in Norwich doesn’t take place anymore but #supporttranslatedbooks gives us the chance to keep it going and to have members from all over the world.

In 2017 I am determined to bring it back and I also added a feature: Every two months I will offer 10 books for polling so that the group members can choose what they want to read.

The first ten books are chosen and I will offer my readers the chance to vote too. Of course, it would be great if you join the group and join us in reading the world but it is an option, not a must :-).

You can find the poll at the end of this post but also at the right side of main page of “Just Fooling Around with Bee and The Bee Writes…”.

But that is not the only reason why I introduce you to #supporttranslatedbooks. The other is that I am looking for translated books that are worth reading especially from African, Asian and South American countries. However, I would like to know about any translated book that you think is worth reading to enrich #supportranslatedbooks.

I am looking forward to hearing from you :-).

And here is the poll:

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