Good Morning Writers! ~ What Now?


October 2016

I am sure I am planning ahead for my writing besides getting the house sorted and working while I am offline.

So a look back might help 🙂

February 2015

How is your writing going? Are you spilling with ideas and words or are you blocked and annoyed?

I leave a hard week behind and now am on holiday. The week itself was probably not that hard, but my depression had raised its ugly head again and I made my life harder than it needed to be.

Do you know those moments when you have been running your old rut for a while? It was pretty successful in the beginning but now its run out of steam?

You take a breather and see that you need to let it go, but nothing new is there yet? That’s how I feel right now.

I have started a wonderful blog hop on “Fooling Around With Bee(This post was first published one my retired blog “The Bee Writes…” which doesn’t exist anymore) but have neglected “Zara” a little. It was a decision I took, but I believe it was not a good one. I should have kept the momentum going. Now I have to get myself back into it all.

But how amazing the community is on that blog hop and what wonderful and diverse posts have been created and will be created. That is a wonderful experience, and my mind as been challenged and invigorated a lot.

Sounds like a contradiction? Well, it is! But in my experience life is like that: A contradiction of extremes from one to the other. It can be exhilarating, but it can also be entirely exhausting.

No matter of the “What Now?”. I believe life has a tendency to sort itself out and obviously there are lessons I have not learned yet. So I will take some time this week (I am off the day job) and consider the lessons and then get on with it.

And you? What lessons do you have to learn?


3 thoughts on “Good Morning Writers! ~ What Now?

  1. Good for you to have time to just be you, Bee. That is both healthy and necessary at times. I hope, that all will be well with your move. A move itself can be stressing.
    I try to find out, what to learn from being sick for soon a week now and hope to be back soon with my life.
    Send you healing thoughts daily.
    Hugs, Irene

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