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October 2016

I wrote this post in November 2014 however, it is still up-to-date on how I take note :-). Well, I am back on an Android phone but even though we supposedly get 4G around here I still can’t always use Google Drive. Never mind.

November 2014

How is your writing doing? Do you procrastinate or do you use any minute you have to write? Well, I seem to go in waves: There are times when I just can’t get my bu…… up and do anything. And there are times when I just write and seem to do nothing else.

I write everywhere

In those times I write literally everywhere: At home, on my break at work, while waiting at the doctor…. you get the gist. In those times it is good to have a little notebook with you to jot down, what comes to  mind as well as planning ahead on blog posts.

Go digital

However, it also means that I have to type things on the laptop later on which I find a little tedious at times. Not that I mind typing but typing from my handwritten notes to the laptop I do not really like. That is where mobiles come in handy (sorry for the pun my dear German readers 😉 (a mobile is called a Handy in German). Most have some sort of note making application on them and if you can synchronise those with your laptop or computer it is even better.

Google’s “Drive”

As long as I had an Android phone I struggled a little with Google docs (now called Google Drive). In theory, it should have been possible to use it on the phone and then later on have it synched to the laptop. However, we live in an area with bad mobile internet connection so google docs never worked on my phone which was highly annoying. I think it was supposed to work offline as well. But it did not.

Microsoft’s “OneNote”

When my husband got me the Nokia Lumia for me to take pictures I was quite weary to try out “OneNote” which was advertised by Microsoft. Sometimes though you just try out things no matter what and that is exactly what I did. And I was pleasantly surprised as OneNote on my phone does not need an internet connection for me to use it. I can write my notes without and then synch it to wherever else I use OneNote when I have a connection available.

Once I figured that out I was typing away like mad and also often use it to get myself organised or to write full blog post drafts which I then copy and paste on the laptop.

I still have a paper notebook

I still have a paper notebook with me as some things are just better written down by hand first but I am glad I have the digital version available as well.

What about you?

And what about you dear readers and writers? Do you prefer the good old paper notebook or do you do it digital ;-). And if so: which are your preferred apps? Please let me know!


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12 Thoughts to “Good Morning Writers! ~ Take Note!”

  1. Umm, this may seem like a stupid question, but if you’re on WordPress and you’re using an Android phone, why would you make notes on it and then transcribe them to a laptop later, when you can just draft a post on the WordPress app?

    1. Because the WordPress app has a tendency to kill – meaning deleting my posts. I mainly use it for answering comments and reading posts.

      1. Really? I’ve never had that problem. Always make sure the post is set to “draft” and save frequently, although I’ve never even lost local drafts that weren’t saved to WordPress. Maybe it’s a phone compatibility issue.

        1. Probably. But besides that I prefer to write posts on a “proper” keyboard. The typing is easier for me as I can type with ten fingers. Do you say it that way in English?

          1. I’m not aware of that saying, no. But I use Swype, so I type with one finger anyway. ;~}

          2. Leo dictionary says it’s “ten finger typing” on a typewriter well today on a computer like secretaries type.

          3. Ah, ok. No, I rely on technology to make up for my lack of skill.

  2. I use Evernote and Trello. OneNote has let me down several times. I like it a lot, but I don’t trust it. I may give it another shot in 2017, but Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to use their products for work and for personal stuff. I no longer have a paper notebook, but I still scribble lots of notes.

    1. I do not have a windows phone anymore so I can’t use One Note either. So I am back with Google Drive. But besides I have a paper note book and a note app on my phone as my mobile Internet connection isn’t strong enough to use drive. Will have to figure out if it works offline too but so far it hasn’t. I think none of the providers make it easy to use it for all. Sometimes I ponder to go all old-fashioned again and only use paper 😉

      1. Evernote Pro (paid) works off line. It also works on almost every device. I finally broke down and paid for it so I have one thing I can use without a connection.

        1. I tried it but I can’t really get to grips with it. I’ll keep it in mind though as I have an account with them anyway.

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