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Sorry, for rather being late with the translation of the prompt but I was working a full day today and then the family needed some food. So with no further ado into @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo prompt no 24.

thank you for your pantoums! it is one of my most favourite and most surprising poetic form!

repetitions sometimes are a pure magic – no matter if you repeat a verse, a line, words or letters. they lead the view. with the pantoum we had repetitions in a given form. however, let’s pick up repetions again with the new text ~ just more freely. 

so #frapalymo prompt no 24 is: “repetions wanted”. use repetitions consciously in your text, pick up words, letters or again whole lines, show them off with repetitions. i am looking forward to the diversity and the unity. (ha!) 

…and the small print: please let me know via email or twitter if you take part. then I can post the link to your blog/poem on Twitter. or post the link in the comments under the daily prompt post on my blog. the hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo, and I am @FrauPaulchen.”

Of course, my fellow English speaking poets and poetesses rather let me @Morgaine620 know or post the link here in the comments.

You can find the original German post here.

A pantoum was new territory for Kiwinana but she explored it anyway. And you can see the gorgeous result here:

#frapalymo Poetry Prompt 23Nov16 – Green Pantoum

English frapalymo

Suggestions for taking part in English #frapalymo

  1. read the translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt
    2. write your English (German if you can/want to) poem on your blog and tag it with “English #frapalymo.”
    3. use the “English #frapalymo” picture if you want to
    4. set a link to the translated prompt here on Bee’s blog
    5. visit other links posted here and if you want to/can those posted with the hashtag #fapalymo on Twitter
    6. The Bee will post your link to the German #frapalymo and translate for you if you want to. Now go, create and have lots of fun!

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