#frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ Eat, Sleep…


I am rather tired and uninspired. Therefore I have no hopes that I can create anything of worth. But maybe all I need is a little playing around. @FrauPaulchen’s prompt reminded me of a song which I didn’t really like but it just fitted the description ;-). (Sorry, I am too tired to create something German too…..)

Eat, sleep…

Eat, sleep, write, repeat.

Eat, sleep, verse repeat.

Eat, sleep, work repeat.


Sleep, write, eat, repeat.

Sleep, verse, eat, repeat.

Sleep, work, eat, repeat.


Write, eat, sleep, repeat.

Verse, eat, sleep, repeat.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat.


Repeat, eat, sleep, write.

Repeat, eat, sleep, verse.

Repeat, eat, sleep, work




drink, wake, dance, repeat….


(I have eaten, worked, versed and written. So now only sleep is left…

or do I have to….?????? 😉

Good night!)




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