Blog Love ~ Notions Capital

Today I want to introduce you to a blog I stumbled upon when I wrote Wednesday’s poem to remember Kristallnacht. It is called “NotionsCapital” by Mike Licht and he is not (I quote his about page): Mike Licht the CPA and former Denver City Auditor, notMike Licht the muscle-car expert or the poet known as “Rhyet,”not the Mike Lichts from Iowa or Illinois or Cologne or North Carolina or Puerto Rico, not the German biochemist, not the physician, not the marathon runner, not the IT account exec, not the broker in Denmark, not the architect and video game designer, not the Russian-born Yiddish poet and translator, and not the Spanish Civil War veteran.”

To be honest I am surprised that he has not  more than nearly 300 readers because his blog is an eclectic mix of music, thoughts on today’s politics and society and historic events. The posts have a lovely length and certainly make you think a little more and enjoy music a little more.

So please head over to “NotionsCapital” and find out for yourself what Mike Licht has to offer. Thanks!


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