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September 2016

In 2014 I stumbled over a great travel blog. Alisa does a theme every week where you can post anything about travel and I bring you one of my post here again 🙂

June 2014

A few weeks ago I stumbled over Alisa’s Travel Blog “Where is my Backpack?”. On Friday’s she offers a travel theme that you can write a post about. There are quite cool posts to be found. I just love it.

So I decided to take part, but I really should do it earlier in the week because on Friday the new theme comes out. But today I will be a rebel as the new one is not out yet and I need a post ;-). Last week’s theme was “Cities” and you can find her and other posts here: Travel Theme: Cities.

I am not a huge fan of cities. I used to live in Berlin directly after the wall came down, which was cool and exciting, but it has shown me that I am a born country bumpkin. I love the fields around me, the little paths leading to some secret place and all the ins and outs of living with all the creatures great and small.

I have visited Paris, which I adore, but that was before I had a digital camera so unfortunately, I can not post any pictures of it. The same counts for Berlin. The only city I have been too in the last 10 years or so was London. So pictures of London it is: I love the building of the British library:


Especially the metal works at the entrance


Only in London can you find little flower pots under street signs 😉


Of course Big Ben


Oh, I totally forgot I broke down close to Aachen a few years ago. Here is the Cathedral in Aachen


And I think Norwich can count as a city as well. At least their football team is called “City” ;-). Uhm, I have been to two cities then….


The Forum is such a great building


Dilapidated building at the River Wensum

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of cities in Europe 🙂

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