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img__201610292__123223Today I feel honoured to introduce you to a young author and songwriter who was so kind to spend some time answering my questions. Her name is Andrea Hintz and with no furhter ado we let her do the talking:

How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?

I am nineteen years old and I mainly write fiction, action/adventure books because I love to have a little adventure in my own life.  I graduated from high school at the age of thirteen, started college at the same age, and then graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Management when I was seventeen.  I also earned eleven Associate degrees along the way.  I have five books published and am about to release my sixth book, Perception and Deception, within the week.  I also just got married in January of this year and am loving life.  


A fun fact about you?img__201610292__123457

I am also extremely passionate about music.  I am a songwriter and I love to play the guitar and sing.  I have a YouTube channel where I post my own songs along with covers of other songs.  I have been singing all my life, and writing books and music are my true passion.

What made you write in the first place?

For me, when I was younger, I always wanted a really good treasure hunting book series to read that was similar to my favorite movies such as the Indiana Jones or National Treasure.  I started writing my treasure hunting book series so that I could “transport to another world” and live the life of a world traveller and learn about other places.  

img__201610292__123525Which author/musician has influenced you and why?

For writers, the first influence was my Mom.  She taught me how to write and how to love writing.  Then Terri Farley, Jennifer Morgan, Danette Haworth, and Jaqueline Wiles were all amazing writers that I looked up to.  For musicians, my mom also taught me music and how to love it.  Then Train, Taylor Swift, Michelle Branch, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Maroon 5, and many other singers and bands inspired me in my work.  

What is your favorite book/song?

My favorite books were the “Phantom Stallion:  Wild Horse Island books.”  For songs, my most favorite song in the world was, “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train.   

Your writing/music making ritual (if you have one)?

I do not necessarily have a ritual.  My inspiration comes whenever I am having a moment with strong emotion (usually extreme happiness or sadness).  Then I use that energy and emotion and put it into my work.

Your secret “sin” when you write/draw/make music?

Mmmmm…I suppose that would be comparing my work to others’ work.  For example, I am always asking myself, is my writing as good as the writing in that book?  Does my song sound as good as that song on the radio?  Sometimes it is good to compare yourself so that you can better your skill.  But sometimes it is bad because it might prevent a person from creating a brand new style that is all their own.  

Do you suffer from artist’s block and if, what do you do against it?img__201610292__123551

I have had several cases of writer’s block and I am sure that everyone goes through it eventually.  I remember when I began writing the third book in The Tesoro Series, I went through a time when I had nothing to write.  It was very disappointing as I wanted this book to be my best book yet.  So I decided to wait a couple of weeks to re-charge my batteries.  I later sat in front of my computer, and again, there was nothing.  The Tesoro Series was finished.  I closed my laptop and made my way to bed.  I laid in bed and prayed really hard.  Faith is a really important part in my life and I tend to use my down-time to pray about all of my worries.  I prayed that some sort of idea would come to me so that I could keep writing.  Anything.  It took me about an hour to fall asleep after that, and just when I shifted into that half-asleep dream state, I felt something connect in my brain, and within one minute, the entire plot of the third Tesoro book flashed through my brain in some sort of video, fast-forward sequence.  And they were the best ideas that I felt I had ever had.  It came at me so powerfully and so fast that it actually woke me up completely and I sat up in bed.  I replayed the story in my head several times so that I would not forget it the next morning, and then I returned to sleep.  I ended up writing the story out non-stop, late into the night, every night for the next few months.  I have no doubt in my brain that God answered my prayers and whispered the whole story into my ear that night.  It was an amazing experience and I share it with people when they ask me about writer’s block.  That is also why I have a personal preference to the third book in the series and tell people that it is my best Tesoro book yet.

Your advice for apprentice creatives?

Never give up!  I know it sounds simple, and it is easier said than done.  But you always have to remember why you are doing this in the first place.  Because you love it.  So when you do not start selling books the minute your book is published, or your YouTube videos do not flood with views the minute you hit the publish button, just remember that it always takes time for things to build up and that you were never doing this for the money anyways.  You were doing this for the love of the art.  Views and sales will eventually come with time.  

Thanks so much, Andrea, for being a guest on “The Bee Talks With…”!


About Andrea’s Tesoro Series:

The first three books of The Tesoro Series (plus a prequel short story) are now available all in one book!

What would you do if your wild, thrill-seeking cousin who is known for deceiving you into going on disastrous road trips and “disadventures” asked you for a ride? Daphne Bleau (that’s right, like the color) is not the kind to be tricked easily. She’s conservative, boring, and has a tremendous fear of trying anything new and exciting. She’s also brilliant, but her consideration and concern for her mischievous cousin causes her to fall for another one of her cousin’s antics. But this time, her cousin is caught up in something different . . .

If you are curious to find out more about Andrea or to read her books then you find all the links here:

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