Survivor Saturday ~ Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime


Survivor SaturdayBesides my mental health, I am developing a lot physical problems as well. I have stomach problems, get colds very often, my bowels do what they want, my joints hurt all the time, I have headaches, and my breathing isn’t quite how it should be.

However, my doctors can’t find any physical reason for any of this. My GP now just tells me: “You have and had a lot of stress. Stress affects your immune system. It gets worse with more stress. When your stress is gone, your immune system will improve.”

Wonderful! How easy!

I wish it were. It is a long way to creating a habit of meditation, healthy food, and exercise to balance all those physical problems without a cause and get to a state that you could feel healthy.

It looks like today employers and health providers are not aware of how closely childhood trauma effects your physical body. Besides the mental and social problems, you face a higher risk of developing heart problems and even cancer.

I believe it is important to know about it, and Nadine Burke Harris did an informative TED talk about how childhood trauma affects adult’s physical health.

Video by TED


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    • BeeASpiritOfHealing

      Thank you very much, Irene. So glad you are back and yes it does help. I believe it feels worse right now because it actually gets better. Just have been dealing with a flashback this morning at work but I got myself around and could stay in control with the help of my department manager. Still it was quite stressful and I am glad I have a day off tomorrow. Couldn’t work another day I think. I’m sending you some love and healing energy too.

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