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Survivor SaturdayOctober 2016

I haven’t done any Blog Love yesterday so in a way I do it today with Survivor Saturday.

March 2016

I have decided to dedicate Thursdays to survivors of abuse in their childhood.

We have heard a lot lately of the abuses the Catholic Church has and still does let go unpunished and how celebrities were allowed to do whatever they want when it comes to youngsters and vulnerable people.

Abuse and sexual violence are so often connected with women being the victims and men being the perpetrators. The sad but hardly spoken of truth is though that woman are perpetrators as well, and men are victims.

To me, it does not matter that in most cases it is the other way round. Every single case counts and every single case is one too many no matter what gender the perpetrator or the victim has.

Therefore, I try to bring to your awareness male survivors of abuse and help for those.

A few years back I was introduced to Jan L Frayne survivor of abuse, author, and blogger who is a huge help to male survivors and has done a lot to break the taboo.

His blog “Beyond Survivor ~ The Wounded Warrior,” tackles any topic concerning male survivors from mental health and control issues, help resources and poetry. No matter if you are a male survivor yourself, if you want to inform yourself, or you know or suspect someone is a male survivor: At Jan’s blog you will find information and help.

But don’t trust my words: Just head over and make up your own mind!


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