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socsbadge2016-17I am tired. I need a coffee. I am too lazy to get up and make myself one. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world is at work and can’t make me one. How on earth can I write a #SoCS post in this state?

Well, maybe that is the best way. Besides no coffee, I have no coin either. Well, of course, I have just about enough to pay the bills and not let the family go hungry and I am more than grateful for that. There are more than enough people in the world who are not that lucky.

But sometimes, just sometimes I would like to have just a little bit more to not having to count the coins while shopping. (Did I just coin a phrase here? 😉 )

But I am not complaining. As I said: There are lots of people who are a lot worse off than we are. Which reminds me that I am one of those people who do not have any coins in their wallet anymore. I pay most of my things either with my bank cards or do it online anyway. If I could I’d do all my shopping online and could stay out of shops. Working there is more than enough of the fun.

Next thing that comes to mind is how many coins I have seen in my life. I grew up in a family who loved to travel and had family in two other countries. My father’s brother lives in Switzerland and my grandmothers family lived in the then still German Democratic Republic. We went on holiday to Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, the GDR and they let me go on trips with the church to Sweden. I went to France with school and on holiday on my own to Poland, Denmark and Ireland. And we went shopping in the Netherlands. And all that before the Euro was on. I still have a tin full of old coins from all over Europe. Unfortunately, that is already packed in a box otherwise, I would take a photo.

Of course, the stubborn British kept their own coin which is in a little trouble right now and will be for a while. Will be interesting when the travel loving brits who voted for Brexit figure out how expensive their holidays are going to get because the worth of the British coin has fallen into nowhere. But never mind they’ll survive and go on holiday to great British seaside ;-). I am sorry for those though who opposed Brexit and there are more than enough of those in this country.

And I remember there are two sides of a coin. Because the British will get a lot more tourism in now that it is a lot cheaper for the rest of Europe to come here. The question is: Do they want to?

Ok, before I get too political I think I leave and make myself that coffee. With lots of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And milk. And vanilla sugar. I don’t even have to toss a coin to decide on that one ;-). Maybe that’ll give me the inspiration for a way to coining it ;-).


photo credit: Sarah via Flickr


This post takes part in Linda’s wonderful Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Today’s prompt was (guess what? 😉 ) “Coin“. Please head over and find more brilliant #SoCS posts in the comments.


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  1. I was thinking about the distances between the countries and that it is easier or a shorter trip than from the US to Europe. You could even take a train or drive where we don’t have the option. Only flying or boat. When my daughter was doing a study abroad in Italy she was able to travel around and inexpensively.

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