Oh how could I…?


September 2016

This post made me smile. Not so much because I neglected one of my blogs but because of the photography project I was doing in 2012. It is all explained in my old post and you will get a few more of those old pictures over time. May you have a lovely Sunday

May 2012

Oh How could I neglect this lovely little blog for so long?

Well, life is busy for all of us but now and again I am coming back.

And I have a new little project just for myself. As you could read in my last post I have become a massive fan of Instagram for Android phones. I am using it nearly daily and started to do some pictures with my favourite cup.

You know ~ I just can not do it without a cup of tea (more many many per day 😉 ) and well it is not a cup ~ it is a proper MUG!!!!

Suddenly I thought about all those projects where someone chooses an object and then takes pictures in different locations with it. I love that idea and my chosen one is my MUG. Started an album on the book of faces called “My teacup and me ~ an Instagram adventure” (that does not exist anymore as I left FB)  and so I will follow my intuition to wherever it leads me :-)?

Maybe you want to join and chose an adventure and an object of your own?





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