Mindful Monday ~ Deciding to make it a good day

Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Welcome to Mindful Monday a blogging event that has been created by Colleen over at Silverthreading but for a while is hosted here at “A Spirit of Healing”. Colleen follows her call to tell the fairies stories, so her blog follows other paths.

Therefore, I have stepped in as I believe Mindful Monday is important, and it is important to have it as a weekly feature. Thanks Colleen for letting me be the host for the time being!

Mindful Monday is a blog feature to support each other on our mindful and healthy journeys. It is not a challenge but a community of bloggers who post insightful posts on Mondays which make us think, change and hopefully act too.

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I am looking forward to reading your insights for this week!


September 2016

I still experiment with how my attitude or mental state has an impact on how my day goes and how my mood develops. Continuously I experience, that my day goes bad when I concentrate on all the bad things I have experienced in similar situations before.

When I concentrate though on trust, that everything will go ok, and when I respect my old experiences but take a conscious decision to not let these thoughts rule my day then everything goes well. It feels a little like magic but that is my experience.

It also isn’t easy. It takes a lot of staying aware of what is going on in my mind and taking action if depression or anxiety tries to take over which it does often. But that amount of energy is better spent than the one I needed to get myself out of depression or anxiety.

Last year I started to experiment with my thoughts and attitudes and I believe it is important to share this post again.



Lately, I have been thinking a lot about attitude and how our way of looking at the world makes a difference in how our life goes.

Remember I wrote about the monster in me?

Since I wrote this post I have kept a close eye on my thinking patterns and what I expect from the day ahead. The negative thoughts pop up all the time and my feelings go with them: The more I think that people are against me the more my fear goes up. On the other hand though if I realise that I think people are against me and I take a conscious decision not to buy into that fear it goes away and I get on much better with my day.

Not quite sure if that makes sense. Maybe I try an example. I hate working Monday mornings as I wrote before. For a long time, I had Monday’s off and could start the week with a long meditation, watching some spiritual card readings and just eased myself into the new week. Then my co-worker left and for a while, I had to do Monday mornings.

And I got entirely cranky because I thought my week can’t be good if I do not have the chance to do my Monday morning ritual in peace. And believe me, the universe threw practically everything negative possible at me on those days.

This morning I had to work as well. On top of that a full shift which I do not have to do a lot with a 30 hour contract. 6 am start for me means to get up at just after 4am to have enough time to get ready, make my lunch, have breakfast (I just can’t function without breakfast and a cuppa) and then the drive to work. And we are short staffed so I had to do more than usual.

I wasn’t a happy bunny this morning. All the before experienced horror scenarios of a tough work day popped up in my mind and made me feel miserable. I managed a short time for meditation and seeing my preferred card reading but that was about that. Then I had to run because I was late.

On my way to work though I prayed and let the universe know that I was not willing to let these scenarios rule my day. No matter what would come, I would keep breathing, judging what had priority, do that first and not expect a certain outcome. Just do the next important job and get on with it.

And that is exactly what I did. Yes, it was tough and I had to work hard but I got unexpected help and in the end I got everything necessary done. On my way home I thanked the universe for its help!

In the last 7 years, I had many of these days and mostly I just got cranky, annoyed and miserable because of a hard day’s work. And they went from bad to worse which meant my mood went from bad to worse too. I just let my moods rule my life and the more I experienced this the more I expected the days to be extremely bad.

It is amazing to experience that the simple decision to not let these negative thinking patterns rule my day and not to expect a certain outcome from myself effectively make a difference. I have experienced this time and time again in the last few months when I tried this out.

I believe this is what “Mindfulness” means: Be in the moment, do the next important thing and do not expect a certain outcome. Just ride the wave and keep breathing deep and steadily.


evening sky

evening sky

This post takes part in Coleen’s “Mindful Monday” over at “Silverthreading“. Please head over and read her post about “Mindfulness and Music” and find more inspirational posts in the comments.

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